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Fine mechanical cleaning for plant windows

alt18 October 2018

Fine mechanical cleaning for plant windows

Productivity is 120 m3 an hour. Two steps of mechanical cleaning 200 microns and 15 microns

The specialists of our company were faced with the task of cleaning recycled water from mechanical impurities exceeding 15 microns in size with a capacity of up to 120 m3 per hour.

And we coped with this task with our standard solutions – the NEPTUN industrial FM industrial main filters.

The company PROFIEL LLC is a young, ambitious Russian company whose main business is the production and processing of PVC products.

The company’s production in Fryazino consists of 8 technological lines, for which there are serious water treatment requirements. Water is used from the central water supply system, according to the production technology, it goes through a long cycle and collects a lot of mechanical impurities in the system, which prevents its reuse.

In the summer of 2018, Profil LLC turned to RUSTECHNOBISINESS for help.

After the specialists visited the site and got acquainted with the existing water treatment scheme, it was decided to install two FM-B09 filters with different filtration characteristics from mechanical impurities and a MM-B09 magnetic converter to protect the equipment from scale and scale.

The plant was installed 2 stages of mechanical cleaning:

  • Coarse pre-mechanical cleaning with a NEPTUN FM-B09 4” filter with a mesh filter element with a cleaning degree of up to 200 μm with a NEPTUN MM-B09 magnetic converter.
  • Finishing fine mechanical cleaning with NEPTUN FM-B09 4” filter with a string filter element with a cleaning degree up to 15 microns.

Both filters are presented in the same housing with direct flow washing, but with fundamental differences in filtration technology.

The fine filter uses a string filter element that does not require replacement of the cartridge and consumables for maintenance. The element is made of high-alloyed stainless steel in the form of a string wound on a frame.

The filter has two modes of operation: filtration and washing. In the filtration mode, water penetrates through the filter element inside and exits already purified. All mechanical impurities remain outside the filter element at the bottom of the flask. The flushing mode is turned on / off by opening the drain valve at the bottom of the flask. During flushing, the water stream removes all the accumulated debris from both the surface of the filter element and the bottom of the flask. The operation of the drainage valve is controlled manually or automatically. In this case, rinsing machines were installed with drainage connected to the sewer.

With our NEPTUN FM series filters, the circulating water is purified to the required parameters, ensuring a continuous production process.

Learn more about the FM-B09 4 ”filter

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