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Water treatment in the Arab world

alt10 October 2021

Water treatment in the Arab world

“Oil and clean drinking water are worth their weight in gold.” The Russian company, the manufacturer of innovative water filters RUSTECHNOBUSINESS Ltd (Moscow), presented at The Big 5, the largest construction exhibition on the Arab market in Dubai, the most innovative string water purification technology today under its NEPTUN brand.

More than 250 companies got acquainted with industrial and household filters NEPTUN in 4 days, of which about 150 left their contacts and showed particular interest in the new string water purification technology. Among the visitors of the stand were potential partners and buyers mainly from the UAE and other Arab countries – Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Egypt, etc. In these countries, water occupies one of the key places in industry and agriculture, and only here they understand the true value of clean and high-quality water.

It is officially believed that in Dubai and major cities of the UAE, the issue of clean drinking water has been resolved through the construction of desalination plants on the coast. In practice, all visitors, without exception, shared their difficulties and problems with obtaining clean and suitable water for the population. Why distilled water is dangerous for the population is known and this issue is widely covered in the media. The cost of desalination by standard methods, namely using reverse osmosis, is prohibitive, even for Arab oil countries. As an alternative – the use of underground fresh sources with environmentally friendly water treatment technologies.

String water treatment technology from NEPTUN is a completely environmentally friendly and highly efficient technology that significantly expands the population’s access to high-quality drinking water in Arab countries.

The main advantages of NEPTUN filters that interested most of all:

high quality water purification;
Low cost of water treatment;
simple construction;
high performance;
small dimensions and weight;
ease of maintenance and long service life.

Competitors of the Russian string technology at the exhibition were the technologies that have already become leaders in the world market – reverse osmosis and traditional bulk, sand filters. Both those and others are inferior to the new water purification technology in many respects. To find out in more detail why modern technology is better, please call +79660366288 (WhatsApp, Telegram) or mail sale@neptunfilter.com.

At the exhibition, RUSTECHNOBUSINESS Ltd signed three agreements on cooperation and supply of NEPTUN filters with large companies in the UAE. The active support of the representatives of the Russian Export Center at the exhibition helped to present worthily advanced Russian technology in the Arab market and gain valuable experience in international business for our company.