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Water treatment for apartment house Zhukovka Homeowners Association

alt07 April 2019

Water treatment for apartment house Zhukovka Homeowners Association

Productivity 40 m3 per hour.

Odintsovsky district today is one of the most attractive and actively built in the Moscow region. At the same time, it is also the most prestigious in the Moscow region – here the legendary “Ruble” is located and the wealthiest people of the country live. At the same time, despite the aura of elitism, the water treatment system in the new cottage settlements leaves much to be desired.

Apartment building located in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, as is customary today, wears the prefix “elite”.

The majestic walls, fancy facades, panoramic windows of the entrances … beauty!

НAbout and “elite” buildings need periodic maintenance and modernization of engineering systems. The house was commissioned more than 10 years ago, during which time a lot of rust and mechanical pollution accumulated in the water supply pipes. And, despite the fact that according to all documents, water is supplied to the house from the water supply system in accordance with all SanPin norms, it does not reach the final consumer in the best possible way.

When installing the filtration system, RUSTECHNOBUSINESS specialists were able to verify the reasons for such poor water quality.

In January 2019, the management of the HOA Zhukovka decided to take measures to improve the quality of water and turned to RUSTECHNOBUSINESS.

Our specialists have proposed an industrial string filter for mechanical water purification FM-B07 with a filtration accuracy of 15 microns.

Industrial mechanical fine filter

Filter series FM NEPTUN – self-washing with automatic direct-flow washing. It has a capacity of up to 40 m3 per hour and filtration accuracy of 15 microns. Designed for fine mechanical water treatment up to 98% of all contaminants in water. At the last stage of water treatment, cleaning of the smallest mechanical impurities and reduction of microbiological indicators, a significant decrease in the content of microorganisms in the water, take place. Water is fully suitable for domestic and economic purposes.

Structurally, the fine mechanical filter FM-B07 consists of: housing with flange connection; string filter element; drainage tap; flask and two pressure gauges. Pressure gauges measure inlet and outlet pressure of water.
The drain valve and the supplied washing machine provide automatic straight-through filter cleaning without interrupting the filtration process.
The filter is easy to maintain and operate. As it can be seen from the photos during installation, the filter has compact overall dimensions and does not require much space for installation.

Principle of operation

The filter has two main modes of operation: filtration and direct-flow washing.
In the filtering mode, the water penetrates under pressure through the filter element into the inside and comes out already purified. Mechanical contamination accumulates outside the filter element at the bottom of the flask.
The flush mode is turned on / off automatically by opening the drain valve at the bottom of the flask.
During washing, the water stream removes accumulated debris from both the surface of the filter element and from the bottom of the flask. The operation of the drainage valve is controlled manually or automatically.

The filter has a service life of more than 15 years and does not require replacement of the cartridge.

As a result of the installation of the FM-B07 filter on the hot water main of an apartment building, the water quality improved significantly, fine filtration of all the hot water in the house occurs, pipes are cleaned from the inside, not allowing rust to accumulate and clog up household appliances.

Residents are happy, the status of “elite” housing is preserved!