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Water purification for cafe gas station deferrization

alt02 April 2019

Water purification for cafe gas station deferrization

Productivity 40 m3 per hour.
Resurrection municipal district with the administrative center of the city of Resurrection is located in the south-eastern part of the Moscow region.

Resurrection district is supplied with Kashirsky and Podolsko-Myachkovsky underground basins.
The water of the Podolsko-Myachkovsky aquifer as a whole meets the sanitary standards in terms of microbiological and chemical indicators. Borehole artesian water is protected from surface contamination. In the water there are significant deviations in the content of manganese, dissolved iron and high mineralization. A large amount of calcium and magnesium salts (hardness salts) are dissolved in artesian water.

The project of industrial water treatment stations

Cafe and gas station located at the entrance to the city, at a distance of 5 km, away from the urban water supply system. Imported water for daily consumption of 2-3 m3 has large financial costs. Therefore, the owners of the filling complex decided to organize the water supply from the artesian well.
Below is an industrial scheme of water treatment with a high iron content in water for a cafe with 100 seats. At the cafe, an additional service for truck drivers is washing machines, showers, toilets.

Water in the cafe is supplied from a well, 37 m deep with a high iron content of 3 mg / l, there is a high permanganate oxidation rate, which indicates an increased content of organic substances in the water.

Water hardness is 8–9 mg-eq / l. Cold water from the well enters the gas heaters and as the temperature increases, scale builds up in the boilers, which leads to rapid equipment wear and gas overspending. Heating equipment, cafe kitchens, washing machines, coffee machines, dishwasher all require protection from scale.

The high iron content makes water generally unsuitable, even for the everyday needs of visitors.

Considering the performance and characteristics of the well water, our engineers at RUSTECHNOBUSINESS developed an industrial water treatment system for cafes and gas stations.

Road cafe offers a range of services for truckers and just travelers. Here you can wash, wash, bathe, have lunch, serve your car, fill up with fuel.

Scheme of industrial water treatment for gas stations

The composition of industrial water treatment for gas stations (cafes): magnetic transducer, coarse filter, aeration module, iron remover, industrial main fine filter, filter for washing in restaurants, cafes, canteen, UV disinfection.

Magnetic water transducer

it is intended for the primary activation of water – activation of oxidative processes, changes in the physical properties of water (increased solubility, conductivity), dispersion of microorganisms and mechanical impurities. Magnetic treatment of water changes the shape of hardness salts that do not scale in heating equipment – boilers, heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines.

At the entrance to the water treatment system, a coarse filter is installed with filtration fineness of 20-30 microns. Main filter self-flush FM-B05 NEPTUN, with automatic direct-flow washing. It is used for the primary purification of water from large mechanical impurities up to 30-40%.

Aeration system (oxidation of iron and manganese)

Designed for oxidation of dissolved iron and manganese using electrochemical aeration. This type of aeration is the most effective method of oxidizing iron and reduces the cost of the iron removal system and reduces the size of the equipment. The silent operation of the electrochemical aeration module has an undeniable advantage.

Iron removal filter

The filtering system for water deferrization is fully automated and serves to regenerate oxidized ferric iron on granules of environmentally friendly natural backfill. The system does not require consumables. Washing of the iron remover is carried out with source water at night for 30 minutes, when water use is discontinued. Water consumption for washing in one regeneration cycle is up to 150 liters.

Industrial mechanical fine filter

Filter series FM NEPTUN – self-washing with automatic direct-flow washing. It has a capacity of up to 10 m3 per hour and filtration accuracy of 5-10 microns. Designed for fine mechanical water treatment up to 98% of all contaminants in water. At the last stage of water treatment, cleaning of the smallest mechanical impurities and reduction of microbiological indicators, a significant decrease in the content of microorganisms in the water, take place. Water is fully suitable for domestic and economic purposes.

Filter under the sink for restaurants and cafes

The integrated filter FMS-A02 with an ultraviolet disinfectant is designed for fine mechanical cleaning up to 1 micron from the smallest mechanical impurities and microorganisms by almost 99%.

At the second stage, water softening to 2-3 mg-eq / l occurs, the water becomes soft, protection from scale in teapots, a coffee machine is provided.

The third stage of purification in the filter is carbon fiber of high capacity and serves to reduce the content of chemical elements in water, improve taste, color, turbidity.

At 4 stages of purification, water passes through a UV unit for disinfecting water at 99.999% of viruses and bacteria.

The water at the outlet of the system not only has full compliance with the norms of SanPin, but has retained all the useful minerals, elements and the main structure of natural water. Superior taste of water. Water is fully prepared for cooking and drinking.

Installation and tincture of water supply and water treatment

The main filter FM-B05 of the first stage of purification is 20-30 microns, the productivity is 10 m3 per hour, preliminary magnetic treatment for activation of the oxidation process of the magnetic converter MM-B05 NEPTUN, washing with RTB-1.

In the kitchen, for drinking water and cooking, a filter was installed under the sink FMS-A02 with a filtration capacity of 1 micron, a softening cartridge and high-capacity carbon fiber. The water is fully compliant with SanPin standards, while the water retains all the beneficial properties and minerals. Filter capacity for washing – up to 1200 m3 per hour.

View of the filter element of the string filter FM-B05 after several days of operation. Increased iron content is oxidized during electrochemical aeration.

The high content of organic elements in water leads to the formation of plaque on the elements of electrochemical aeration during the oxidation of soluble iron.

Service maintenance of electrochemical aeration should be carried out every 70–100 m3 of water deironing. After-sales service includes removing the aeration elements from the case, washing in hydrochloric acid, installing the elements in the case and starting the water supply system. The whole service process takes 1-2 hours, once a month. The advantages of electrochemical aeration are noiseless, more efficient oxidation process, compared to traditional aeration.

RUSTECHNOBUSINESS Company is Russian manufacturer of equipment for industrial water treatment, water treatment: industrial filters, magnetic water converters, UV installation. The main activities of the company are the design and development of industrial water treatment systems, installation supervision, warranty and after-sales service, industrial water treatment, industrial water treatment, the creation of industrial systems for protection against scale and sediment.