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Washing machine RTB-1

Washing machine RTB-1
Washing machine RTB-1


Operating temperature + 5 до +70 °С
Dimensions (mm) 76 х 85 х 115 mm
Valve opening time 6 sec
Minimum resource of the electric drive 100 000 times
Drive power supply voltage Constant power supply
Power 220 V, 50 Hz
85 USD


RTB-1 washing machine for self-cleaning mainline filters with a string membrane membrane element.

The RTB-1 ball washing machine is designed to periodically open / close the drain valve of the main filter in the water supply system.

The RTB-1 washing machine consists of a ball valve and an electric drive for controlling a ball valve. A distinctive feature of the RTB-1 washing machine is fully automatic operation over a long period of time in both domestic and industrial conditions. Reliability and stability of work is ensured by the use of high quality materials.

Automatic drain can have any position during installation.

During installation, the electric drive can be disconnected from the ball valve, which simplifies installation, and most importantly allows you to install the RTB-1 washing machine in hard to reach places.

The body of the ball valve is made of high quality stainless steel 304 (manufactured by HGSS), or brass, and can withstand pressures up to 40 atmospheres.

The RTB-1 washing machine is designed for use by water supply systems and can be used for all types and models of self-cleaning filters.


Similar products

Washing machine RTB-1
Automatic washing HONEYWELL

The flushing machine provides fully automatic flushing of all main filters. The Honeywell automatic flushing drive provides fully automatic washing of all NEPTUN main filters. There are 16 steps to adjust the intervals between washes: from four minutes to three months. Ensures the purity of the filter element of the main filters.
The Honeywell rinsing machine can operate in emergency mode when the power is turned off and provides the ability to turn on the manual rinsing function. The setting of the automatic flushing mode is performed by pressing the touch buttons, on the outer cover of the drive and by the choice of possible options is displayed on the display.

Filter connection diameters: 1/2 “Water temperature up to 70 ° C. Relative ambient humidity 5-90%, temperature 0 ° -60 ° C.

Main characteristics

• Easy to set flush intervals with buttons
• Manual flush button
• LED indicator of the set time interval
• LED indicator of the number of flushing cycles
• Indications of time remaining until the next programmed flushing cycle
• The reset button allows you to reset the counter
• Settings are saved even in case of power failure
• Factory adjustment corresponds to the interval of 45 days
• It is possible to set 16 different intervals between washes.
• Automatic battery connection in the event of a power failure
• Available with integrated electrical suppression device
• Additional input for PG 9 cable for connecting remote control devices, remote control or pressure drop control
• The product can be connected to a differential pressure switch, remote control device or remote control.
• Flushing possible without power supply

Application range

For fully automatic flushing of NEPTUN main filters.

Automatic flushing

The duration of flushing with mains power is approximately 25 seconds. The amount of water required for flushing at a working pressure of 4.0 bar, from 12 to 18 liters, depending on the diameter of the filter.

Principle of operation

Automatic washing Honeywell opens or closes the ball valve in accordance with the specified time interval. Opening the ball valve creates a pressure differential inside the filter, which activates the flushing function. The ball valve closes again at the end of the flushing period. Four power batteries (not supplied) provide backup power to the instrument. If the mains supply fails during the automatic flush function, when the battery is powered, the ball valve closes, preventing unwanted water loss.

360 USD