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Water purification technology

In the 21st century, high technology is becoming increasingly part of our daily lives. And one of the most important issues is the provision of human life, namely, to drink and use clean and healthy water. Without the solution of this problem, man cannot live and exist. A person is a powerful information system based on the ability of water to accumulate information about a person himself. And if you do not purify the water that forms the basis of a person, then all human aspirations in the technical, healthful, and ecological process are useless. Man is what he drinks. And he drinks mostly water.

It is known that the main basis of water filtration is a suspension. Without removing the mechanical particles of water, it is useless to use any new fashionable technological installations that are trying to chemically, biologically and membrane purify water. 80% of pollution is just mechanical suspensions. Mechanical particles of sediment envelops the active substances of conventional filters make useless filtration of water using active chemical substances.

To purify water from mechanical suspensions, we use new NEPTUN vortex, string-membrane filters. NEPTUN filters have the ability of self-cleaning and are designed for the first stage of water purification and water treatment. There are no replaceable cartridges or any moving parts in the NEPTUN filters and due to this they can work for more than 10-15 years.

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Wind power conversion technology

High-tech wind energy conversion system allows to provide urban settlements with clean and inexhaustible energy. With a number of technical and economic advantages, wind power generators are autonomous universal energy sources.

Seawater Desalination Technology

Wave frequency resonance desalinators NEPTUN series D – this is a fundamentally new method of desalination and water purification. It has significant economic, technical and environmental advantages over existing traditional methods. The principle of excitation of liquid molecules in a frequency field is used. As a result of the impact on the water flows at the outlet of the installation, pure water of a given level of desalination is obtained, salt and insoluble solid slags.

Frequency technologies are suitable for creating water purification systems of cities and towns that have the need for desalination of sea water.

The absence of emissions of associated products during desalination ensures high environmental safety.

Car emission reduction technology

The use of petroleum products for internal combustion engines leads to significant harmful emissions into the atmosphere and is harmful to the environment. Our developments can significantly reduce toxic emissions, get fuel savings and improve engine performance.

The technology is intended primarily for transport with internal combustion engines.