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Russia-Africa Summit October 24, 2019

alt16 October 2019

Russia-Africa Summit October 24, 2019

The company RUSTECHNOBUSINESS will take part in the Russia-Africa Summit. On October 24, in Sochi, under the chairmanship of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Abdelfattah Sisi, Chairman of the African Union, a Russia-Africa summit will be held.

This is the first event of such a level in the history of Russian-African relations to which the heads of all states of the African continent, as well as the leaders of the largest subregional associations and organizations, are invited. Particular attention at the Summit will be paid to the state and prospects of relations between Russia and the countries of the African continent, the development of political , economic, technical and cultural fields.

It is supposed to discuss a wide range of issues on the international agenda, including joint opposition to new challenges and threats, strengthening regional stability. Following the meeting, it is planned to adopt a political declaration on the main areas of Russian-African cooperation.

At the summit events on October 23, the leaders of Russia and Egypt will open an economic forum with the participation of Russian and African officials and representatives of big business. According to the results of the Forum, it is expected that a significant package of agreements will be signed in the trade, economic and investment spheres.

Africa is undoubtedly the world’s breadbasket and the need for fresh water is enormous in the agricultural sector. The pace of development of African countries depends on what water treatment technologies to use and how to apply them. Accessibility to clean safe drinking water for the population is a particularly urgent issue in African countries.

Russian NEPTUN water technologies have a number of significant advantages over traditional methods of water purification of Western colleagues and the main ones are economy, compactness, ease of operation and maintenance, mobility, reliability.

Among the company’s offers RUSTEKHNOBUSINESS – industrial high-performance water filters of new string technology, magnetic transducers with rare-earth metals, mobile water treatment plants, UV disinfection stations.