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Our technology

String water purification technology – a new standard for water treatment in industry

The string technology is a physical method of water purification and allows for filtration fineness of 5-15 microns with high performance from 1 to 2000 m3 per hour and a pressure differential of not more than 50 kPa.

The use of technology significantly improves the quality of water for industry, agriculture, drinking and household needs.

Self-washing mechanical fine filters NEPTUN are developed on the basis of string technology and are designed to purify water from all mechanical impurities (up to 98%) in water in the first stage of water purification systems. It does not require the replacement of cartridges and consumables.


Water purification with the innovative Neptune filter

Filter element
The filter element of the filter is made of stainless steel, on which a microwire (string) with a purity class not lower than 9th is wound in a special way.
Water flow
The source water enters the filter inlet and through the wither and starts its rotation around the filter element, thus starting the flow turbulence process.
Water purification
Water under the action of pressure penetrates through the pores between the strings, all mechanical impurities remain outside the filter element.
Our technology
Self cleaning filter
Due to the high quality of the purity of the string and the new portion of the turbulent flow of water, impurities are washed away to the bottom of the filter. There is a natural self-cleaning filter element.
Filter rinsing
All pollution accumulates at the bottom of the flask. With regular opening of the drain valve at the bottom of the filter housing all impurities are washed under pressure into the sewer system.
Pure water
Pure water under pressure rises to the top of the filter output and goes to the consumer. Fine mechanical cleaning removes up to 98% of all contaminants in the water.


Our technology

The design of the filters is simple and convenient for installation and operation, does not require constant maintenance.

The heart of the NEPTUN filter is a string filter element manufactured according to Russian patented technology (RF patent 2232620 from 2002).

The filter element consists of a stainless steel frame and a string wound in a special way. The string is made with a roughness of at least 11th grade of purity. The design of the filter element allows for a high retention capacity with low hydraulic resistance.


At the filter inlet, a special design ensures turbulent flow of water and under the influence of hydrodynamic processes in the string winding, self-oscillations (flutter) of each turn of micron-sized wire arise, which increases the permeability of the filter element and ensures self-cleaning during filtration.

Modifications of the filter element are determined by technical requirements: strength, stiffness, performance, manufacturability, filtration, filtering medium. Filtration fineness of the filter element varies depending on the diameter of the string, roughness class, the number of layers of winding and can be from 1 to 50 microns.

The main difference of the filter string technology is the reliable provision of a constant high quality of water purification, which is provided by the self-cleaning effect of the filter element by the incoming water flow. The filter element does not absorb contaminants, but accumulates them in the lower part of the filter bulb. The drain valve at the bottom of the filter flask when opening allows to completely clean the filter from accumulated mechanical impurities within 10-15 seconds. To ensure automatic operation of the filter and regular cleaning, it is recommended to install an automatic flushing system.

Having removed mechanical impurities up to 98%, water, in most cases, is completely suitable for drinking and technical purposes.

Self-washing string filters are designed for cold and hot water from +2 to +95 degrees.

It is an environmentally friendly product that provides high quality water purification and long service life.

High performance with small overall dimensions and weight. High degree of purification from mechanical impurities up to 98% (filtration fineness from 100 to 1 micron).
Environmentally friendly product through the use of environmentally friendly materials from stainless steel.
The simplicity of the design ensures the reliability of the filter, ease of installation and operation. Savings - there are no consumables and cartridges.
Neptune filters have a long service life - up to 30 years, and provide a stable quality of water treatment during the entire service life.
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