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alt06 January 2020


Today we are publishing an interview with our freelance correspondent Svetlana Sapozhnikova with the Executive Director of the Industrial Association Rustekhnobusiness Borozdenkov Nikolay.

The mission of RUSTECHNOBUSINESS is the development and implementation of Russian innovative developments and the manufacture on their basis of highly efficient domestic products in the field of filtering liquid and gaseous media for the needs of various industries, construction, agriculture, energy, oil and gas industry, as well as to ensure the population with clean and healthy water based on universal main filters of a new generation of own production.

  The company Rustechnobusiness provides the development, implementation and operation of advanced technological solutions. At present, we are successfully developing a new NEPTUN system project that includes the design, manufacture and implementation of high-performance filters for integrated water treatment of water with a given level of hydrodynamic characteristics (performance, filter fineness, etc.) using a patented technology.

– Nikolay, please tell our readers about why the company chose this particular direction of development, and precisely these products?

  All that we produce at the moment, and these are various filters, magnetic transducers, mobile water treatment systems, industrial water treatment systems – everything is connected with complex water purification from various pollution.

    This direction has appeared as a result of a long search for a technological product that is beneficial to humans and safe for nature. An in-depth analysis of the advanced water purification technologies developed by our scientists and specialists during the Soviet era helped us to realize that obtaining clean, healthy water is the most demanded resource in the world that people need everywhere, anytime, and every year more and more more. This problem can be solved only through the introduction of the most advanced technologies and equipment, with the aim of obtaining inexpensive and high-quality purified water in the required quantity. This concept formed the basis of our business.

– Whose idea is this? Who is the author?

The authors of the idea – and the developers, these are our compatriots: Morozov Valentin Georgievich, Ph.D. (VPK “NPO Mashinostroyeniya”), and Vladimir Golikov, Senior Researcher (“TsNIICherMet”). Both worked for many years in the development and implementation of porous sintered permeable materials for the space rocket and defense industries of the USSR.

After the collapse of the USSR, the development of these materials was temporarily suspended. However, the accumulated experience and deep knowledge in the field of hydrodynamics and filtering liquid media allowed the authors, despite the difficult time of the 90s of the last century, to develop a new simple and inexpensive technological method of manufacturing filter elements, which in their main technical characteristics were several times superior to domestic ones and foreign analogues. As a result, the authors obtained RF Patent No. 2232620 C1 of November 14, 2002. Unfortunately, despite the obvious advantages of innovation, the path to introducing this technology into industry was difficult and winding for a number of reasons at that time, and only starting in 2015 it was possible to put all on the right track.

– Who is the product for your company for?