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High-quality water in apartment buildings

alt12 February 2022

High-quality water in apartment buildings

NEPTUN clean water for residential area Minsk-World.

NEPTUN supplied a high-performance string water filters for the international construction holding Dana Holdings, Republic of Belarus.

Dana Holdings is building a completely new format of housing – in one place, an international financial, business, entertainment and residential complex in the capital of Belarus, the city of the 21st century – Minsk World.

New buildings and related infrastructure will create a modern living environment in the city of Minsk.

To provide residents with high-quality clean water, NEPTUN universal filters developed by Russian scientists and manufactured in Moscow will be used.

Industrial filters will be installed at the entrance of each apartment building of the complex and will ensure the purification of tap water from all mechanical impurities.

NEPTUN filters are installed on cold water and hot water, as well as for heating systems (on the make-up circuit in a boiler room or heating points, on a closed heating circuit with recirculation).

The main advantages and effect of using self-cleaning string filters:

– prevention of ingress of mechanical impurities into the pipeline

– protection of pipeline fittings, meters and household equipment from clogging

– extending the service life of all heating equipment and piping system

-reduction of plaque formation in pipes, including in stagnant water supply zones of the building

The peculiarity of the use of filters is that no consumables and chemical reagents are used.

The use of NEPTUN fine filters in a building is a significant savings in the maintenance of the water supply and heating system.

The NEPTUN filter solution is easy to operate, reliable, environmentally friendly and safe. Can be designed and installed in new buildings or integrated into existing home water systems, even in confined spaces.

Filters for apartment buildings can be selected depending on the size of the house, the number of apartments and consumers, systems of the required performance, connection diameters, and the required degree of filtration are selected.

RUSTECHNOBUSINESS invites developers and design organizations to cooperate and provides

all the necessary data for designing a water treatment system based on NEPTUN filters and its further maintenance, including automation of water treatment processes, management and control.