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Magnetic converter MM-B13 12″
Magnetic converter MM-B13 12″

Productivity is 460-1200 m3 per hour. Flange connection 12″ (DN300).

The MM-B13 12″(DN300) magnetic converter is designed to protect against scale and deposits in heating devices, convert soluble iron to iron oxide and further remove mechanical fine filters from water.

The industrial magnetic converter of the new modification MM-B13 has a complex magnetic system consisting of rare-earth elements. Features of the magnetic system is that it does not give any external electromagnetic interference. The magnetic properties of water persist for several months. The application is relevant in water supply systems with problems of corrosion of elements and boiler plants.

The service life of the magnetic converter is at least 30 years.

Material of body is steel AISI 304 or AISI321.

Designed to protect against scale and deposits in:

  • water boilers, heat exchangers, boilers, heating systems
  • swimming pools, water parks, ornamental ponds, SPA
  • washing and dishwashers, water heaters, plumbing

Application area:

  • boiler rooms, heat points, apartment buildings;
  • industrial production;
  • food industry;
  • Agriculture;
  • fish farming;
  • cottage settlements, water purification in the pools;
  • construction of buildings and structures.


The case of the magnetic converter NEPTUN is made in the form of a pipe made of non-magnetic stainless steel 12x18x10 (analogue of AISI 304) and is characterized by high rates of corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand temperature changes.

The case is a magnetic element of rare-earth neodymium alloys.

The main component of the water transducer is a cylindrical magnetic element that creates an axially symmetric polygradient magnetic field. Due to the topography of the field in the magnetic system, a high efficiency of the magnetic field effect on water is achieved.

Operating principle

As a result of magnetic processing, physical and chemical processes take place. This leads to the release of impurities that begin to interact with each other. Calcium ions form microcrystals, but they do not form scale in the heating units, but remain in the water column, then are carried into the drainage. Formed early scale collapses, as calcium ions are detached from it and attached to microcrystals. Thus, old scale is washed out from the surface of pipes or any heating devices.
In order to protect equipment from corrosion, a thin oxide film forms over time on the pipe surfaces.

Installation of water converters NEPTUN

The NEPTUN magnetic water transducer can be used on its own or as part of water treatment systems. It is installed on both cold and hot pipelines (vertically or horizontally).

Main advantages

  • high efficiency magnetic water treatment
  • full protection of equipment against scale
  • use of multipolar magnetic systems
  • environmentally friendly method
  • protection against scale and corrosion without chemical reagents
  • no power consumption
  • lack of interchangeable elements
  • no maintenance required
  • long service life (over 30 years)
  • economy
  • compact dimensions
  • easy installation

Magnetic transducer is best used with NEPTUN string filters.

Made in Moscow, Russia

10300 USD

Additional equipment