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RUSTECHNOBISINESS Company – Russian manufacturer of industrial systems for water purification and water treatment. The company offers highly efficient, environmentally friendly integrated solutions.

The main products of the plant are industrial main filters of string-membrane type, magnetic-molecular converters, ultraviolet disinfection plants, mobile water treatment plants, wave frequency-resonance desalination plants, separators.

The mission of RUSTECHNOBISINESS Company is the introduction of Russian innovative developments in the field of water technologies in industry, construction, agriculture, energy, oil and gas industry and is aimed at providing the population with clean and useful water.



Important advantages of our water solutions:

  • High quality drinking water at low cost.
  • High performance.
  • Non-reagent technology.
  • Compact, simple, reliable.
  • High quality materials.
  • Prices below standard analogues.
  • Service life over 15 years.
  • Low energy costs.

Engineering Center RUSTECHNOBISINESS offers a range of services:

  • Inspection and analysis of the water supply facility.
  • Design and installation of water treatment and water treatment.
  • Design, development and production of custom-made industrial equipment.
  • Online consultation of experts.
  • Export / import of equipment and components for water treatment systems.
  • Warranty and service.
  • Designer supervision of technological solutions.
  • Training of employees of enterprises of operation and maintenance.

Our equipment is used:

  • boiler rooms;
  • power system;
  • food industry;
  • oil industry;
  • metallurgical industry;
  • chemical industry;
  • industrial wastewater treatment;
  • industrial water treatment in apartment
  • buildings and cottage settlements;
  • industrial water purification in
  • reservoirs and pools.

The mission of RUSTECHNOBUSINESS Company is the introduction of Russian innovative developments in the field of water technologies in industry, construction, agriculture, energy, oil and gas industry and is aimed at providing the population with clean and useful water.

Our technopark

We set ourselves the task of setting up efficient production of consumer goods and industrial equipment based on the latest innovative developments and adapting new products for everyday use, giving consumers the opportunity to take advantage of the latest science and technology.


The office and regional warehouse of the  RUSTECHNOBISINESS Company is located in Moscow. The official dealer network operates in the regions of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Within the NEPTUN project, we provide service and warranty support for design solutions. We provide architectural supervision of decisions within 1 year from the moment of launching the project into commercial operation. All basic materials for manufacturing products are manufactured in Russia.

Our team

Nikolaj Borozdenkov
Исполнительный директор
  • Томский Политехнический Университет (Автоматика и информатика)
  • Южно-Уральский Государственный Университет
  • Московский предприниматель 2013
  • Перспективный молодой специалист АСУ-нефть
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Natalya Borozdenkova
Генеральный директор
  • Сибирский Государственный Университет Путей Сообщения
  • Институт Повышения Квалификации Кадров Транспортно – Дорожного Комплекса ИПК МАДИ
  • Грамота УС ЮГСК
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Zhanna Vasilevskaya
Главный бухгалтер
  • Московский Государственный Открытый Университет Им. В.С.Черномырдина
  • Российская Академия Государственной Службы при Президенте РФ
  • Диплом АССА (Ассоциация дипломированных сертифицированных бухгалтеров)
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Aleksandr Galkin
Руководитель отдела продаж
  • Московский Государственный Строительный Университет (Механизация и автоматизация строительства)
  • Красный диплом МГСУ
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Vladimir Golikov
Заместитель генерального директора по науке
  • Московская Государственная Академия Приборостроения и Информатики (МГАПИ)
  • Научно-исследовательский Институт Черной Металлургии
  • Премия министерства промышленности СССР
  • Медаль ЦНИИЧМ Министерство черной металлургии СССР
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Viktoriya Drobysheva
Секретарь исполнительного директора
  • Московский Институт Экономики и Права
  • Государственный Университет им.Ломоносова
  • Почетная грамота За отличную службу
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Our customers


Our achievements

17 years experience in introducing innovative water technologies and a team of professionals with 25 years experience in water treatment.
12.2 billion tons of water - our string filters have already been cleared of mechanical impurities
25,000 industrial and commercial companies around the world use our string filters for water treatment.
Exported our products to 15 countries and more than 60 cities. In Russia, more than 500 cities use industrial string filters.

Media about our company

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